Today is Your Day – Happy SysAdmin Day!

By | July 25, 2014

high-five-pic-370x229For many, there is one day of the year that is special.  For some it’s a birthday. For others it may be the rememberance of a significant milestone or memory.  For many, including those in the IT community, it’s the last Friday of July!  That day of course is National SysAdmin Day.  Today marks the 15th anniversary of #SysAdmin Day and it seems with each year the celebration starts earlier and accolades become louder.  For those of you that even remotely wondered what your SysAdmin was doing, then today’s the day to at least introduce yourself and say thanks.  I for one have more thank you’s to extend to the many SysAdmins I have had the privilege to work with over the years.  And, there are far too many times they have bailed me out of one emergency or another.  Nothing beats having your phone remotely wiped while attending a major event and wondering how soon you’re going to be able to get back online.  Thankfully in that one situation, my “downtime” didn’t last long in large part to one of our SysAdmins that wore the lucky hat that day to help me out.

So, do yourself a favor.  Read through a few of the many good posts acknowledging today’s 15th anniversary of National SysAdmin Appreciation Day.  Check out the site dedicated to the day, which always has some great suggestions on ways to observe the day and to show your appreciation.

Sysadmin Day 2014: Quick, there’s still time to get the beers in” by Trevor Pott and Josh Folland, The Register.

Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day 2014!” by Matt Simmons, Standalone SysAdmin.

The Internet’s not broken…It’s SysAdmin Day!” by Bob Brown, Network World.

Don’t overdo it on System Administrator Appreciation Day” by Phil Johnson, ITWorld.

Happy Sysadmin Day, Ken!” by Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing.

For me and our team, it’s time to give thanks to our own SysAdmin Aden Michaud! Thanks for everything you do, we really appreciate it.





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