#TBT: What’s Next: From There to Here

By | July 3, 2014

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The year was 1986.

Years before Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Newspapers, magazines and print media ruled the day.  The year saw Mexico host the World Cup. And while many of us were disappointed to see the US lose to Belgium and end their run at this year’s World Cup in Brazil, the US Men’s National Team has come a long way, as they did not even qualify that year to play in Mexico! Of course, we won’t mention the Red Sox.

And take a look at what was trending:

  • Mike Tyson became the youngest Heavyweight Champion in history.
  • Richard Branson on the 72 ft powerboat Virgin Challenger II broke the world record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic.
  • Top Gun was the highest grossing movie and took more people through the danger zone than any other movie.
  • Dionne Warwick and friends topped the Billboard charts as the year’s most popular single with “That’s What Friends Are For.”

From a technology standpoint:

From a healthcare standpoint:

1986 also was the year Lois Paul had the vision that there was a better way to do public relations and communications and founded the company that many of us are proud to call home today.  Since its early beginnings, we’ve worked with some of the most innovative and trailblazing technology, healthcare and energy companies. It’s been thrilling, challenging and entertaining to ride upturns, downturns, explosive growth, bubbles expanding and bursting to where we are today.  Throughout it all, one thing remained a constant — our focus on helping our clients shape complex subject matter and turn it into high interest stories that we helped them tell through traditional media to digital and social media conversations. Whether it’s 1986 or 2014, what’s next is everyday.

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