When Packing your PR Picnic Basket

By | June 11, 2014
Courtesy: Homefoodsafety.org

Courtesy: Homefoodsafety.org

Torn from winter’s frigid grasp, we find ourselves thrust into the budding summer season. With it comes clear days and warm breezes, while life and color are breathed back into the natural world. One summer activity I’m particularly fond of are picnics. Planning the trip, carefully selecting the location, and of course the ceremonial packing of the basket. Like any good planner or PR pro knows, it’s the contents that are crucial in determining the final outcome.

Just as the food items and place settings play an important role in the overall success and enjoyment of a picnic, a PR pro requires the same attention to detail in selecting the proper tools to create a successful PR campaign.  My peers and I have contemplated what items to include, and the outcome is delicious:

Selecting the location:

  • Knowing a client’s needs and possessing the determination to remain dedicated to them are crucial in determining how successful you will be and how your relationship will progress. A PR pro not only knows a client’s immediate needs, but has the insight to anticipate future ones as well.

The picnic blanket:

  • This is the foundation of your campaign – where everything rests upon and is built off of. It’s important to create a solid foundation of strategy and goals that include things like press, awards, and speaking lists.

A cooler for meats and beverages:

  • Keeping things fresh requires constant attention and knowledge of any given environment. POVs and new materials help to reposition and further your campaign to build on past ideas or reach a wider audience.

Color coordinated flatware:

  • Attention to detail is an absolute must in every aspect of PR. A PR pro knows how to package content in an informative yet aesthetically pleasing way.

A generous portion of dessert:

  •  Social media is the cherry on top – with a dash of 140 characters of creativity and “liked” by all, it will keep you coming back for more.

With this combination and some careful planning, your PR campaign is sure to be a huge success! But remember – always be on the lookout for ants, keep good company, and above all, atop all of these items always sprinkle a touch of personality to remain memorable and bring the entire combination to life.

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