Sometimes What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas – Reflections on NIRI’s Annual Conference

By | June 17, 2014

BellagioChristine Simeone, executive vice president at LPP and Board Member of NIRI’s Boston Chapter, shares thoughts from attending last week’s Annual NIRI Conference in Las Vegas via podcast. This year’s conference, “EXTREME IR: Fast, Furious, & Highly Connected,” saw more than 1,200 investor relations and communications professionals share best practices, insights and experiences at the Bellagio hotel.

As Christine notes in the podcast, a significant focus this year was on activism. She also saw progress toward her personal priority of encouraging a tighter handshake between PR and IR. “It was notable that there is a greater connection, with more people having responsibility for both functions, and with more discussion from IR professionals about the work they are doing with their PR colleagues,” added Christine.

Social communications also continues to be a hot (and controversial) topic and this year’s annual event was no different. With entire demographics consuming news from socially oriented channels versus mainstream ones, there is now acknowledgement that social is not a fad!  Still communicating financial information via social is fairly rare and carefully considered, but monitoring is on the rise with IROs (often with help from PR and marketing) increasingly evaluating the information communicated across social channels in the same way they monitor other communications vehicles (news, reports, etc.) And, with four of the top 15 activists now using social channels to further their agenda, the increased openness to monitoring comes as no surprise.

Give a listen and let us know what you think. Comments welcome.

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