What Makes Boston Strong?

By | April 17, 2014

boston-strong-marathonAs we approach the 118th running of the Boston Marathon, April 15th marked the one-year anniversary of the event and the tragic aftermath of last year’s race, where four innocent victims lost their lives and 264 others sought treatment at area hospitals for bomb-related injuries. The people who were injured are still healing, both physically and mentally, and so are all the citizens of Boston and visitors who either witnessed the incidents or followed it on the media.

The mental wounds are still raw and only time can heal these wounds. But the people of Boston are a special breed. The heroism of ordinary people helping those who fell victim to the event was simply remarkable. The outpouring of generosity and support from the community at-large was (and still is) extraordinary.  Bostonians exude perseverance, grit and determination. Whether you reside in Boston, work in the area or visit from other parts of Massachusetts, New England or beyond, we have become a tighter community and are proud to be a member of this great city… We have all become Boston Strong, and for those working in the communications and public relations field, Boston PRoud.

In remembrance of this horrific event, we at LPP, wanted to stop and reflect upon what makes this city so special, and what makes us rally around being Boston Strong and Boston Proud.

“The fact that the people of Boston just keep moving forward – working and playing in the face of winters like the one we just emerged from is definitely a sign that Bostonians are wicked strong.”– Lois Paul (@boslfp)

“Last year’s tragedy didn’t knock our city down, in fact it really did make us stronger. Charity efforts implemented last year have continued to thrive and Bostonians remain standing tall in support of this great city, so for that I’m Boston proud year-round.” – Grace Ames (@GraceAmesBoston)

“I am very proud of how the people of Boston all pulled together at a time of crisis and uncertainty. Ordinary civilians became first responders and proved that we are all Boston Strong.” – Tim Brennan (@TimCBrennan)

“As a Boston native who was living in a different part of the country on 4/15/13, I couldn’t have been more proud of the city, its people and the collective rally to rebuild and strengthen the ties that have made the community one of the greatest for generations.   One year later, that resiliency is stronger than ever and Boston Strong is playing out in every neighborhood, every day.” – Elizabeth Corridan (@A_PinchofLove)

“After a period of mourning and despair Boston showed how much of a blue collar, tight knit city it really is. Donations for the OneFund far exceeded expectations – People flooded Boylston Street to bring back sales to the small businesses and the sense of community was unparalleled. For me, I had never been more proud to be a Bostonian.”  – Josh DeStefano (@JoshuaDeStefano)

“It’s sad that it takes a horrific event such as the Boston Marathon bombing to bring people together, but this event was particularly unique. Even Bostonians who were not there on that tragic day or directly affected by the event stood together with those who were — to stand united, as fighters. Fighters for ourselves, fighters for each other and fighters for our city. There’s a special pride people have for Boston that is unlike any other city in the world, and I’m proud to be one of them.” – Sofia Giovannello (@SofiaTweetsPR)

“I was in London for a client PR summit meeting when I heard what was happening.  It was all surreal until I spoke with my family to hear of friends that were now in the hospital dealing with their injuries.  What was truly amazing was the outpouring of support to all those impacted directly or indirectly by the week’s events – we can’t forget about the events following the actual race.  To see how far people have come in a year, and know how far many still have to come, is a testament to the Boston spirit.” – Don Jennings (@djenningspr)

“I’m proud of the fact that if you mess with Boston, we’re going to shut down the entire city and hunt you down! For the three days following, the entire city focused on one mission and we accomplished it – says a lot about law enforcement, but also about the amazing people of Boston!” – Afshan Khoja

“I’m proud of how Boston came together, not only to support each other within the city, but also with our neighbors all over the world. As support flowed in, we extended it outward to others in turn. People were Boston Strong no matter what city they lived in, and that strength and camaraderie was felt throughout.” – Kenna Luguri (@KennaLuguri)

“Boston is like your favorite pair of running sneakers. Fairly scuffed up and well-worn, but smart, comfortable and dependable, with good breathing room, just the right amount of flash, and the potential to take you anywhere you want to go in life.” – Susan McCarron (@smac01)

“A bandit runner is someone who does not have an official bib for a race, but may fundraise for a certain group or organization. Every year, about 300 bandit runners representing Boston College run in the Boston Marathon raising over $70,000 for the BC Campus School, which provides education for students with challenges such as complex healthcare issues. In response to last year’s bombings, increased security has prevented all bandit runners from participating in the 2014 Marathon. However, on Sunday April 13th, BC hosted a Bandit Marathon in which Campus School runners ran the entire 26.2 mile route in honor of their school, the first responders, the victims, and the city of Boston. As I watched them run past Mile 21 on Comm Ave by BC campus without the crowds or anyone cheering them on, I have never been more Boston Proud.” – Stephanie Rufo (@StephRufo27)

“The night of April 15, 2013 I returned to my apartment on Capitol Hill, put on my running shoes and set out for a jog to try and process the events of the day. Seeing the American flags flying over the Capitol building and the Washington monument at half-mast that night made it clear that everyone across the country stood with Boston—we are all Boston Strong.” – Kirsten Tullis (@KirstenTullis)

What makes you Boston Strong or Boston Proud?

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