Happy Birthday, Twitter! #FirstTweet Reflections

By | March 21, 2014

The Ellen Degeneres Oscars selfie tweet may be the most retweeted of all time (3 million+ and counting), but those of us who signed up for Twitter back in the day — before verified accounts, before Promoted Tweets, before hashtags — will remember the original most famous tweet of all time:

Twitter turns eight years old today, and to join their celebration we asked LPPers to use Twitter’s tool to go back to their #FirstTweet and reminisce for a second. The tweets below reveal a mix of emotions — some of us were obvious about the fact that we were using Twitter for the first time, some were nervous about opening Pandora’s Box … others were excited about Mac & Cheese and thrilled to finally have the chance to share that with the entire world.

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 6.55.50 AMFast forward to today. Twitter is essential to what we do here at LPP and for our clients’ businesses. It helps us start conversations, listen, engage, keep our finger on the pulse, follow trends, share content and tell stories. And that pales in comparison to the broader impact Twitter has had across the globe. From its role in the the social revolutions of 2010 and 2011, to its use during natural disasters including Hurricane Sandy and the tsunami in Japan, or the current situation in Turkey, where citizens are fighting back to reverse the prime minister’s attempt to ban Twitter in order to prevent the spread of an incriminating video — Twitter has become a new media platform unlike any other. I think too many individuals and organizations make the mistake of thinking that because Twitter is in real time and in 140 characters, it’s effect is merely fleeting. But today I am reminded of how permanently it has changed things.

When I wrote this blog post on how B2B companies can make an impact in 140 characters, I was hoping to provide some direction for companies that have lost their way on Twitter and are now simply broadcasting messages and making one-way noise. If you use Twitter personally, for work or if you manage multiple corporate accounts, I encourage you to take a look through your stream today and think about how you are giving back to the Twittersphere and helping shape what the next eight years will look like.



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