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By | January 31, 2013

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  • Obama’s
    Inaugural Address
    : The
    president promised progress for gay rights, gun control, voting reform, equal
    pay, and immigration reform. Most recently, the need for high-tech workers has
    now become part of the immigration debate.


  • Super Bowl:
    Buzz around 49ers, Ravens, Ray Lewis, ads, #HARBOWL
  • Awards
    Season: From the Grammy’s to the Oscars. Everyone is buzzing about the latest in
    entertainment. Who are your top choices and how have they positioned themselves?
  • Manti
    Te’O’s Katie Couric Interview: Was that really necessary?
  • Beyonce
    lip-sync gate: Did she or didn’t she? Does it matter?




  • Twitter: Announced partnership with “Vines” to allow
    users to shares GIF-like videos via tweets
  • Foursquare: Launched Foursquare For Business, an app designed to let business
    owners manage specials and view analytics
  • Facebook: Updated its iOS app to bring the ability to record and share voice messages and
    videos with friends from right within the app
  • Google+: Officially makes
    second most popular social network, after Facebook.
  • YouTube: Announced paid
    channel subscriptions coming this Spring
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